Saturday, May 29, 2010

Par to Fowey (6th March)

Today's walk was shorter but very pretty. We began by driving to Fowey and catching a bus back to Par to begin the 6 mile walk. Those knowledgeable ones amongst you will realise that we've missed another little bit, it takes you round the docks at Par and we decided we could do without walking past them.

We were blessed with another glorious day, still, sunny and beautiful. The little harbour of Polkerris is amazing, a very sweet little village which has avoided modern development so far!

From here the path meandered up through woods and along the cliff edge to the incredible candy-striped Daymark built in 1832.

It was designed like this to make it distinguishable from other south cornish headlands! The views from here were stunning, down to Dodman and beyond, and up the Fowey Valley.

Some of you will have read the story of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier; the inspiration coming from Menabilly at the head of this valley. This is the beach house of Manderley!

Fowey welcomed us back with the coast path taking to the streets .

We enjoyed these signposts which mark the Saint's Way, a modern take on an (imagined?) route, possibly taken by Celtic holy men between Fowey and Padstow to avoid the sea trip around Land's End.

Another view through a keyhole! Looking across at Polruan from Fowey.

Fowey was charming, we pictured the narrow streets rammed with visitors in the summer... and were glad we were there when it was quiet.

Tim spotted these doors, and they had to make an appearance here - I'm sure they tell a story.

It had been a lovely gentle walk today, such a picturesue part of the county.

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  1. Oh, so pretty!
    That beach house was amazing, not really what I'd think of when someone says "beach" house mind you!