Sunday, May 23, 2010

Portloe to Mevagissey (9th March)

Here I am again... The Travelling Bears have spurred me back into action! There is so much catching up to do!

I'm writing this at the dining table with the sliding door wide open and the sun pouring in. It's going to be another HOT day!

Back in March we had a similar amount of sun; another glorious day for our walk, and one which started out with a lovely meeting.

Tim and I drove to Probus in order to catch a bus to Portloe. We parked up by the football field and were fascinated by the changes to the Roseveth. As we walked past, the lady who lives there was going up her steps, so I plucked up courage and asked if Joan Unsworth was still living next door. "Oh yes," she said, "you've just missed her. She's gone to catch the bus."

We almost ran to the bus stop to see if we could catch her - no sign though and we stood waiting for the bus disappointed to have missed her.

Suddenly, out of the little shop, Joan appeared and walked across the road to wait for the same bus as us! It was lovely to see her and chat, talking fondly of Mum and a little doubtfully about the changes to the house. We shared the bus journey to Tregony catching up about the family and "The walk"; it was a perfect start to the day.

We got off the bus at Portloe and started our walk, we had to go at a reasonable pace because of the bus timetable and the desire to get to Mevagissey in time to catch a bus back to St Austell where we could then get a connecting bus back to Probus! It was all very complex, but Tim had worked out all the schedules in advance which was a great help.
This walk was through familiar territory ... a tree for Jac;
beautiful sunlit pathways;
East and West Portholland
where this sign sums it all up;
Caerhayes Castle
and Porthluney beach
a family special; the path took us through many gates - i loved this handle;
a stone man
- not quite the match of your Tasmanian ones Big A; it was along this part of the path that an adder lay curled up, Tim was walking ahead of me at this point and must have disturbed it. I almost stepped on it, it hissed at me and slithered away into the undergrowth with its distinct markings along its back. Unfortunately i wasn't quick enough with the camera :-(
Hemmick, with its little ford,
stands at the foot of the hill where we used to camp when the children were little - famous for Buzz and Bee in the play area
Hemmick Beach
and on around to Dodman Point, overlooking Vault or Bow Beach.
From here we walked through Gorran Haven
with its expensive houses;
around Pabyer Point
which had a very ancient, solid feel to it and on to Portmellon where the tide was in and had been splashing on the road.
From here there were lovely views back to Chapel Point
with its three amazing buildings. The path follows the road on round to Mevagissey.
Tim noticed this great, old sign
- how things have changed!
We were in time for our bus and were whisked to St Austell. Whilst we waited for the connecting bus I noticed this... isn't it an amazing mural! A fascinating end to a lovely day...


  1. I didn't even realise that it >was< a mural! Pity the web site doesn't show more details. I doubt that A.L. Rowse would have approved!

    And how nice to see Mrs Unsworth! I also sneaked past last year, but wasn't nearly brave enough.

    Thanks again for the pics. More for my (now almost entirely Cornish) screensaver.

  2. Ruthie, those photos were amazing! I love clicking on each one to make them bigger, so I can look at all the tiny details. Just imagine living in some of those little places? What an incredible walk.
    I'm enjoying catching up on it all . . .
    Love lots,
    Jose and Sleeping Roo