Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morning over Pavenham

Sunset at Falmouth... 
The journey down started at -4 in our driveway... dropped to minus 11 en route... then gradually warmed till it was zero at Bristol. Driving was slow and careful in such icy conditions but the milder temperature was a false security... it even became plus 4 by Exeter, but then the snow began...  a little at first then thick and fast and driving Okehampton/Launceston and then over Bodmin Moor was a nerve-racking affair. At one point, when there was almost no traction, I thought I should stop... but equally knew that if I did I would be stuck... so gritted my teeth... (I know - it was the road that needed gritting!) In fact the highways agencies were brilliant and were out salting etc constantly. Anyway, I was relived to reach the milder climes of Truro and Falmouth - it had taken about 8 hours... but a rather tasty fish and chips whilst sat watching the sunset certainly helped ease the tension!  

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  1. I was wondering if you managed to get there in such awful conditions. Glad you arrived safely.

    Jeannie xx