Monday, July 12, 2010

A contrast.

I wanted to show you the contrast between the tranquility we enjoyed at Kingsand,

and what it can be like in a winter storm... can just make out the same strange towered building beneath the spray!

I bought this postcard as we walked through the town - thought you'd enjoy!



  1. Oooo, wild! I'd like to be snug in one of those upstairs bedrooms watching the storm. It's a huge contrast between the two pictures. Here it's bright and sunny while I eat my lunch at the kitchen table and Rooey has a sleep. Heading out for a walk later with Papa, wish you could come with us . . .

  2. Oh boy! Impressive. I think I'd like to have been a couple of rows back from the waterfront.

    Bird counting in the far NW at the weekend. I'll try to blog it......

  3. Anonymous/meriel says
    Couldn't post a comment under "Odds and Ends". Got the little hand thnking about it but that is as far as it got. Just wanted to say "who was that old dear tottering up the little path
    looking at least 90?" I did a double take looking at the profile to the right. It was Keith but I thought it was his dad reincarnated. Never noticed it before