Sunday, July 11, 2010

A food blog!

For the record... back in March, Tim and I went for a meal in what has become my favourite place to eat. It was to mark his 60th birthday and we had a lovely meal. I'm going to leave you to work out the menu, here are our starters;

our main courses...

and the puds!
I'm hoping that when the travelling bears and the three little bears visit next year, that I may be able to take them here for a meal :-)


  1. oh Ruthie that meal looks amazing! Some kind of baked brie in there? And what a good looking fish :D

    Like we need any more reason to visit, but count me in!

    (not sure if this will sign off as me or Jo since I'm logged in on her computer but here goes..)

    x Jac

  2. Ooooh. Yes, please. Fisssh, Precious.