Monday, July 12, 2010

Odds and ends.

This blog is a bit of a pic n mix!Fav GG at Long Buckby

Back in March we took Meriel to visit Chris and Louise (Keith's sister's son and his wife) who live in an amazing little cottage in a village near Northampton.The cottage has thick walls, low ceilings, a dark and dusty cellar and an amazing atmosphere. It looks out on to the village church.

This next pic is of the view I had when Katy took me to a Champions League match at Old Trafford.

Katy has been a Man U supporter since she was little and goes quite regularly. It is ?? years since I've been to a big match so it was very exciting. Sadly for Katy, they lost, but what an incredible experience - I could see why people get hooked.

In April I was whisked away to France! I went, as an extra pair of hands, on a Year 7 school trip to Normandy. It was fantatsic, the most interesting school visit I've been on. The students are immersed in the French language, all the activities are conducted in French, the animateurs spoke no English whatsoever and looked totally bemused if anyone tried talking to them in English (even though some are fluent English speakers!) It made you speak French and having been quite worried about it beforehand, I loved having a go!

On the way to the chateau we crossed this bridge...

getting closer...


The Chateau de la Baudonniere itself was stunning, with beautiful grounds and fantastic people running it. The students did lots of activities - raft building, climbing, breadmaking etc, (all conducted in French) but also had a trip out to a local market,
and to Mnt St Michel. The food was great, very continental - including snails - the students having to go to the kitchens and ask for more bread or water etc in French. It really was a great visit - a brilliant concept.

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  1. Ruthie! Gosh I'm so far behind in my blog reading but those bridge shots were awesome!

    I hope you brought home some of those rabbit balloons??

    Say hi to Katy and Fav GG for us.