Friday, February 26, 2016


Saturday 19th December
Today was a beautiful, crisp, cold day. The time change meant I woke about 2.30 am and remained awake till about 6 when I dropped off again! Anyway, after a lovely late breakfast we visited Homebase (Tesco) and bought a Christmas tree with decorations! It was refreshing to find that there were very few Christmas things in the shops... you had to go and look for them. Felt peaceful after the overkill of Christmas in UK!
Happy Christmas
We had coffee in the sunshine at the local park on the way home, and then went for a walk to the University.

Brandi and Phil at the local park.
 The University is close to Phil's and there are lovely walks around it...
University Grounds

The three of us.

In the evening we met up with Nate and Sunny for a meal round the corner... delicious! Then finished the evening at Marty's bar with a beer, chat and meet up with several other friends.
The next day I struggled a bit with Crohn's and jet lag so had a quiet day. I was so excited about 'the surprise' for Phil, Brandi and I dared not look at each other at times for fear of giving something away!  In the evening we watched a darts match at Harry's bar... clever machines - on line stuff - exciting but with Phil's team losing on the final dart!

Running alongside all this excitement and activity was deep sadness and love for John and Chris, Becky, Mike and Robbie and what they were all facing.  

Monday and Tuesday 21st/22nd  December
Phil and Brandi both went off to work but were back around lunch time.  I went out for a walk to the lake near the University where the sun came out. Later Phil meticulously prepared for the evening meal when a friend, John, came and joined us. Brandi and Phil cooked a fabulous meal and it was a lovely evening. On the Tuesday I walked into town after Brandi and Phil had left for work - I made soup, and met Phil for gun man du. In the evening Phil took me to meet Chris and we played golf on a golf simulator! It was huge fun and more than a little frustrating! We chose a difficult course and spent most of the time not on the fairway! But really good fun and nice to swing a club.
Ready to play!

Tomorrow was the big day... the surprise!

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  1. Glad you are up and running, with photos, looking forward to th ride. Did everything arrive in one piece? Lv Jeannie