Saturday, March 12, 2016

The day!

Wednesday 23rd December

Surprise day!

After a morning and afternoon similar to the day before I met Chris for another round of golf. I told him of the 'Surprise' and asked him if he thought Phil might have an inkling of something afoot? He thought most definitely not - Brandi felt the same but I still had an uncertainty in my mind.
Anyway - I was glad to have something to occupy me because I was so excited! Chris and I chose a much easier course for our golf but had to stop on the 17th so we could be back to meet Phil and go out to the restaurant for the big meet up. Brandi had told Phil that three of her girlfriends were going to join us and she'd meet us there.
We chose our restaurant and walked to it, Chris came too and agreed to take some pictures for us! However the restaurant we planned to meet at was fully booked! So after a little panic and some phone calls between Phil and Brandi, we landed upon a different restaurant, for Galbi - (my favourite Korean meal). We arrived at the restaurant and Phil was keen to order and leave the 'girls' to order for themselves when they arrived!

Brandi arrived first; she had met up with Keith, Tim and Bridgie earlier and brought them  to outside the restaurant. She sat down on her own and said the girls were just on their way... then in walked Tim, Bridgie and Keith...
It was brilliant!

It was an absolutely amazing evening - Phil hadn't got a clue about it...  my thoughts were unfounded...  it was fantastic!
Such fun, Bridgie Tim and Keith had been in Honkong for a few days before flying in to Seoul. You can imagine what a great evening we had! 
After the meal, we had coffee back at Phil's and then went to Harry's bar to celebrate.

What a wonderful bunch!! 

Thursday 24th December - Christmas eve
Jet lag was still a bit troublesome but we all met up at Phil's in the morning for coffee and later lunch, interweaved with various sleeps, trips to the mall for pressies, work for Brandi, present wrapping, more sleeps, trips back to the shop for more wrapping paper... and food preparation! 
In the evening Brandi's friend Emily and Phil's friend James came and we had a great evening playing games, eating and drinking red wine! Everyone went home about 2am... 

Whilst we were having fun, we were also very aware of what was happening back home,  for Chris, John, Mike, Becky and Robbie. They were constantly in our thoughts.

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