Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Everyone came up to Phil and Brandi's for breakfast - and what a breakfast! Brandi had popped out to pick up some croissants and then cooked an amazing breakfast for everyone. Emily came up to join us and too and after breakfast Tim took his usual role and conducted the present giving. 

After the present exchanges Keith, Bridgie and I went for a short walk.
In the afternoon Emily and I made stuffing - chopping lots and lots of things very small :-)
Mid afternoon we walked round to Harry's Bar carrying the prepared food, and then added it to the wonderful array of food already spread out on the table. As more people arrived the table filled even more. A wonderful meal was shared together with a lot of Phil and Brandi's friends. There was all sorts to eat and masses of it so no-one went hungry!
A quiz followed and more darts, it was a fabulous day.
By the end of it my head was buzzing (happily) but I also needed some quiet so I wandered home to Phil's and had a quiet potter about. I was feeling very thoughtful about Chris and John and kept checking my phone for messages.

Saturday 26th December
Boxing day - I didn't sleep till about 3am and got up about 9.30. I walked to meet Keith and Tim but couldn't find them - there was snow on the ground. I returned to Phil's and ate breakfast in the dark as Brandi and Phil were asleep :-)
Keith later joined me and we went for a walk together over the hill behind the University.

It was a lovely walk we talked a lot about Chris and when we arrived back at Phil's flat there was an email awaiting us from John. Chris had died early Boxing day morning. 

 I still find it hard to take in. 

In the afternoon we played Keith's Globetrotter... we marked on the world map all the places Keith had been; with each of us, all together or on his own! 

In the evening we went out for another meal all together. 

Sunday 27th December

At 10am I met up with Keith for a Paris Baguette... then we walked up the 'mountain' again. Bridgie and Tim came later to Phil's and we all went to Suwon Mall to change some clothes - either sizes were smaller than in uk or we've grown...or perhaps both! We had lunch there - Tim played the piano in the Mall!
Back home we finished Keith's Globetrotter and then they went to watch the cricket in their hotel room. Brandi and Emily went to a sauna place. I tidied and packed my case and then went over to join the others watching the cricket. 
We then had a final (for me) beef galbi - it is definitely my favourite Korean meal - and then went back to Phil's. We had fun secretly choosing music which Phil played on spotify, and we all had to guess who had chosen the music! It was really fun. 
At about midnight everyone left, Phil, Tim and Keith went to watch a football match!

Monday 28th December 
My final day in Korea, Tim and Keith met me in Paris Bagutte for coffee/breakfast and Bridgie joined us too.

It was -7C but a beautiful day! Tim and Keith popped back for their coats etc and then we headed for the Lake walk again over the 'mountain'. Tim came too and managed amazingly! It was easy to forget about his broken leg as he managed to do so much. He had only walked upstairs for the first time just before he flew out! 

It was beautiful - and Tim managed it all! Then it was time for final lunch together, a wee stop, collect my case and walk to the bus stop for the 3pm bus to Incheon. 

We boarded the plane on time but were sat for an hour waiting whilst they unloaded the luggage of a passenger who didn't show! We took off an hour late but with fantastic views over Incheon and beyond. It was dark but fascinating seeing the lights of the cities... 

What a fabulous time I've had.  Thank you everyone who made it such a special time.

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  1. Lovely Ruthie Thanks. Had been waiting to hear more!!!