Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Tuesday 29th December

Some final pictures from Korea... the bus journey to the airport and across the amazing bridge!

The long bridge!

View from business lounge Incheon
The sunrise from the flight was beautiful...however, I was on the left hand side of the plane ... heading South, so I saw little of Aus bar some very parched looking land. 
Coming in to Sydney was more interesting - there were lots of wooded estuaries; the Opera house and the Bridge. All in all Sydney looked somehow smaller than I had expected.

Travelling Business meant I went straight through immigration and collected my bag which was already on the carousel! I could get used to this!
Transfer bus
I transferred to Terminal 2 to await the flight to Tasmania...and here it was chaotic! Actually, it wasn't chaotic but a mad press of people and noise. After having a bite to eat (spinach and ricotta roll - delicious)  and a coffee I asked at the Virgin Aus desk and I was directed straight through to the departure area where she said it was 'much nicer' and she was right!
By this time I was feeling tired and a bit woozy, but found a quiet spot to sit and wait. It seemed like a long time, I walked the length of the terminal several times to stretch my legs but I was looking forward to the journey being over.

Coming from -7C to Sydney which was the high twenties, was quite a shock. It took a while not to be taken aback by seeing young folk in bright, summer clothes...
The flight to Launceston was straightforward - a bit bumpy at times, but I had great views from the window. Getting out in Tas it was almost 30C! It felt wonderful!
Jeannie and Alastair were there to meet me, and we were soon in the car and on the two hour drive back up to Boat Harbour. 
It was fabulous to see Jeannie and Alastair... we chatted lots in the car... Alastair asking me if I knew where I was or was I a bit muddled?
 Temperature definitely not UK or Korea... landscape... not UK but some peaks looked a little like those near Suwon... summer flowers... that was probably the strangest thing! I was definitely in Aus!

Yay! I'm here!

Boat Harbour beauty!
It was super to see Jo and Jac ... and Marty who had stayed up to see me! Catching up, food, a walk on the beach and Jac's Christmas Milk all went down a treat.
Travelling over for a while... deep breath, it is wonderful to be here.


  1. Nice to remember how nice it was to have you here and what a wonderful evening to wander on the beach. Jeannie

  2. Why Launceston? When I went down there there were flights to Hobart. Much more convenient.

  3. I guess I went too fast. Is Boat Harbour nearer Launceston?

  4. Hi, yes David, it's closer to Boat Harbour than Hobart :-)