Friday, April 15, 2016

First Day in Tas

Weds 30th December
My first full day in Tasmania since Keith and I came many years ago! 
I have been feeling it was remiss of me not having kept the blog up while I was away, but there is something lovely about writing it up now! I have just fetched logs from the shed and lit the fire - it's a bit cold out, though the sun has come through at last... and I am sitting here remembering the warmth of my trip. 

What a beautiful day! 
First morning sunrise
I woke early, the boys came in and chatted and played with the toys from the cupboard. I gave Marty some lego which he happily made. 

Lego making.

View from the kitchen window
 The views from this place are wonderful - the one above is the view as you wash up at the sink... we kept our eyes open for dolphins!
View from the deck
 After coffee and breakfast it was time to head for the beach! We went for a swim - the water was warmer than home... and after fun in the sea we played frisbee and Marty hunted the rock pools and found a wonderful decorator crab with sea weed growing all over him! Well done Marty!
After a lunch and  a shopping trip with the girls we played Carcasonne and then out to the beach for a second visit! It felt colder than this morning but we had a lovely time except when Marty got sand in his eyes and it was really sore. 
Anyone for tea?
Jeannie lovingly went to make me a cup of tea but the box of tea-bags decided to take a swim in the washing up water! We had fun trying to dry them out but decided in the end the were beyond redemption! I must say all our meals were delicious. In the evening we did crosswords and read... and drank Christmas Milk!

Thursday 31st December

New Year's Eve began early with the boys and then we all set off for the Inglis River. We put a car at either end and walked together. It was another beautiful day - will post a selection of pictures from this lovely walk. 
Inglis River

Happy Jimmy!

This walk was the first outing for Leki -  'a stick with which to walk' from Jeannie and Alastair! Thank you - it is perfect!

Back home for a Jac lunch of pasta and pesto (delicious); crossword (unsuccessful) and a walk to the beach where there were lovely waves.

The Richardsons have a New Year Tradition... watching Dinner for One - with a glass of bubbly and nibbles! What a treat... afterwards we had dinner of ham done in Coke and spices... so delicious!  The New Year began with fireworks on the beach which I watched from the balcony - welcome 2016 - I wonder what you will bring?

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  1. Just catching up with all this at last. That Boat Harbour place looks really nice. Must go there some day. Seriously, it brings it all back. So good to have you here.