Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coverack to Falmouth

This is going to be a little tricky to write as we did some of this the wrong way round! I'm going to try to reverse it! There is another little section we missed, from Coverack to Porthoustock; we may pick it up sometime, but it was around quarrries and across fields. Porthoustock to Porthallow should be across fields but we went along the coast around the quarries... quite an experience!
This is disjointed and I apologise for that - I need to pack for tomorrow I head back to Cornwall to meet Tim in Truro and start walking again on Saturday!

Porthoustock Quarry was a mass of noise and activity... definitely not disused!
Porthkerris Cove is a diving centre and has more examples of quarrying activity!
Porthallow itself proudly marks the HALF WAY mark of the walk, with this lovely monument!


From here the path goes to Nare Point... look out for canny weather forecasting!
You can see we had glorious weather again, yet had to circumnavigate closed paths here to reach Nare Point.
It was used during the war as a decoy to take bombing away from Falmouth!
Worth reading up about...amazing!

The path from Gillan Creek to Helford was beautiful,
so different to anything else we'd seen. Beautiful creeks,
gorgeous trees, ancient churches
and lots of boats.
The Helford River is full of the sailing fraternity,
and has such quaint houses, and this lovely ford.On the other side of the Helford River is Helford Passage, with lovely views back to Helford itself.
The path to Durgan is very pretty, and what a lovely spot it is. The coast path follows the estuary side around to Mawnan then on to Rosemullion Head with stunnning views across Falmouth Bay. Gently walking on we came to Maenporth where we stoped for a drink and some folk were kayaking in the sea, and then on round to Swanpool, a place of childhood holidays. I'm going to leave you here in the wonderful company of Auntie Grace. A perfect place to finish this walk.

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  1. Ah ha! I beat Jeannie to it!

    Well untangled, Ruthie. Lovely picture of Auntie Grace. And that seems a very long way that you have walked to get to the Halfway Point. Keep going! And thanks again for posting; you're feeding my UK-spring traveling itch.