Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lizard to Coverack (Oct 13th)

This is my second post today! I'm trying to fill you in on the walk before I head back to Cornwall on Friday and Tim and I start the next section.

I shan't write too much but share pictures for you to enjoy. We returned to the Lizard a couple of days later,
leaving the car in Helston and catching a bus to the Lizard, with completely different weather! Magnificent in a different way! This is Housel Cove,
a beach sometimes, just rocks at other times depending what task Giant Tregeagle has been given to do. The serpentine rock is very pretty and created a cottage industry which had its heyday in Victorian times. Looking back at the Lizard you can see the lighthouse,
next to it the Youth Hostel though we didn't have chance to stay in it. The next two pics are for Jac,

of the old lifeboat station Kilcobben Cove.
Not only do we have giants in Cornwall, but also devils...
this is known as the Devil's Frying Pan, near Cadgwith, its proper name being Hugga Driggee. Cadgwith is a quaint Cornish fishing village,
thatchers were at work as we came down the path.
The weather was glorious and the path was lovely, this bit I loved,
heather and gorse and ancient connections.
The cliffs showed signs of mining,

it would be a lovely area to explore in more detail. We descended into Downas Cove which was stunning,
a place we could have stayed for ages completely unspoilt.
It was a steep climb up the other side and as we walked along the clifftop path again we heard a helicopter flying in. It came very close then hovered level with us, in Downas Cove. We decided to stop and watch. At first we thought it might be a rescue but in fact they seemed to be on a training exercise. We watched as they lowered a man down to the sea, and then towards the cliff, skirting the cliff, then back up into the helicopter. You may need to enlarge it but can you see the helicopter?

In this second picture you can see the guy in/near the sea.
Amazing to watch! We enjoyed the warm sun for quite a while before heading on around Black Head
to Coverack.

More pretty cottages,
and a sweet little harbour. And the educational bit, please read the display below because you will be tested on it later!
It was great to see this so clearly laid out, and it made me wonder why we didn't have numerous Geography trips to explore/explain all this... maybe we did but I don't remember them! We had missed the bus by moments, in fact we were stood by the harbour and could see the bus at the far end of the beach but couldn't reach it in time.
We had a long wait for the next bus, but persuaded a lady to stay open and serve us a cup of tea... she left us to pack everything away! As we headed back on the bus there was a lovely sunset, we picked up the car in Helston and headed back to the Alverne for a final meal... still brill!


  1. More wonderful pics, it makes me want to return very soon. St Keverne Council did a good job with the sign, though i'm still a bit confused.
    Have a great walk on Friday
    xx Jeannie

  2. Ooh goody! Lots more pics for my screensaver.

    And Jeannie wants to return "very soon"! Next year, I hope.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Just come across your blog. funny me and my other half have done a similar thing! keep bloggin !!