Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family stuff

Before we start walking I thought you might like to see what's happening in Carvoza Rd...

... and in the garden...

... not sure if this is just a garage or another house.

The house next door to Mrs Waters has also morphed!
Also, there are changes afoot in Probus...

with a new house being built on what was the garden.

We briefly met the lady who lives in Roseveth, she has two little girls. Sitting in the front window was a lovely dollshouse.


  1. Whow, major changes all round. Looks like another house in Carvoza Rd & have they built on above the kitchen? There would have been a lot of excavating at Roseweth and the garden, if there's any, will be on bedrock. Are large gardens no longer popular?

    xx Jeannie

  2. Interesting. I wouldn't recognise it!

    Thanks Ruthie