Thursday, March 18, 2010

Place to Portscatho (7th March)

I mentioned the lovely weather we had and the biting easterly wind which on this day made us decide to walk this section the 'wrong' way! It certainly made it easier to walk... but harder to blog, although, I think you are all big enough to cope! So, I'm going to write it the way we walked it!

We parked the car at Froe and walked along a lovely track towards Portscatho, Tim loved this part with the path, gateway and view beyond :-) and I loved the view beyond - it reminds me of something - is it a painting?

The sea was very rough at Portscatho - unusual, as it is usually a protected harbour.
When Tim (son) was born we came and stayed in Portscatho, and Uncle Tim can remember walking along with Phil to go and "Pat the mine" so in recognition of this important event...
The rough sea was crashing over the quay, we battled around the corner out of the wind and walked along to Towan beach where we stopped for a snack on a very welcome seat.
Looking up the coast we could see Nare head and Dodman beyond.
St Anthony Head
has wonderful views in every direction,
across Falmouth Bay towards Pendennis Castle, up river towards Feock with St Mawes, and the lighthouse with its wonderful Fresnel lens which picked up the light like a rainbow.
The headland was used during the war and has remains of the old battery that was here. Walking back towards St Mawes was wonderfully sheltered with stunning views
and some wonderful trees!
Place is actually where the walk restarts after Falmouth and is really pretty with a beautiful church,
but we walked by the riverside through the trees all the way back to Froe.
It was a good walk.


  1. Ruthie, you spoil us with such gorgeous photos! But that tree!! It's the twin of my favourite one on your golf course! I bet it looks just as amazing with a good sunset/rise ;)

  2. What a rough day. Beautiful photos once again. We once had a lovely walk around past Place and catkins!
    xx Jeannie

  3. As always, wonderful. You'll have to publish a book!!!

    Now you've got us all hooked what will you do when you have finished this walk?

    All the best


  4. Ruthie, I'm late onto this, but have to congratulate you on the photos. My screen saver is going to be Even Better!