Saturday, November 7, 2009

.. and so to Newquay (Sept 27)

Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay was beautiful, and I loved this rock at Whipsiderry Beach - Black Humphrey Rock or Flory Island.
Flory Island
Looks like a massive dog, dinosaur or such like to me, with its back to us and head turned to the right. (I blame my age!!!)

By this time I was feeling very tired, and we hastenend across Porth Beach, passed Lusty Glaze where a youngster had just crossed the beach on a zip wire - you can see him hanging in the middle - and on to the bus home.
Lusty Glaze
As we arrived at the bus stop we could see Gig racing in the bay, and saw a report on it on the TV during the following week.
Gig Racing from Lusty Glaze
You can see them in the pic, but not well focused. We'd walked about 13 miles altogether, along wonderful cliffs, but never far from habitation and often on gravel paths. We were findng it easier just carrying essentials for the day and continued like that using Tim's as a base and using the bus or car to get us places.

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  1. So you walked all through the streets of lovely Newquay? What a good thing there are some many nice places around the town.

    Confirmation word: trurop!!