Wednesday, November 11, 2009

St Ives - Zennor (Sept 30th)

The early bus took us to Perran, and then we hopped upstairs on the next bus - double decker - for a great ride to St Ives - amazing what you can see from up there!
View from St Ives bus stop

We got to St Ives about 10, picking up a pasty as we walked through the town.

St Ives Harbour
It was lovely to be there without crowds of tourists!
Porthminster Beach

We walked out onto the headland, round to Porthmeor, and out onto the cliffs.

Porthmeor Beach

As we walked out beyond St Ives, there was a strange, mournful sound coming from somewhere. We looked round for the cause but couldn't see anything. it came and went very strangely and I began to think I was hearing things - but it was a seal, hauling itself up onto some rocks just offshore. It was a very forlorn, mysterious sound - you could see how tales have arisen about them.

You'll see from the pictures, this is completely different from the other parts of the walk.

Beyond Clodgy Point

The path was full of wild flowers, the smell of bracken, mist, granite boulders and views of a turqoise sea.

This section of the coast path was marked with these 'milestones' which we liked :-)

The path itself wound its way amongst the boulders, it was narrow and overhung with grasses.

The views were wonderful.

I'm going to let you enjoy the next pics without comment.

In April this year Cornwall had lots of bad weather and localised flooding, this resulted in roads and bridges being wahed away, and sadly three youngsters died in this area when their car was washed into a steam. You can see from the picture below how much erosion there has been by this little stream.

It was very damp underfoot in places when we were there, and it had been dry for about a month, so we counted our blessings that we weren't hiking through this in the wet.


  1. They say strange things do happen, west of Clodgy Point......

    They do it all with granite, don't they? I liked those granite stiles.

  2. Anonymous says
    The little stream will not look the same today after the high winds and heavy rain taking place in Cornwll this weekend. 14 Nov 09
    Meriel in the guise of anonymous