Saturday, November 7, 2009

Newquay to Holywell (Sept 28)

Crantock Pound

We decided to do less the next day so after doing some essential washing, we caught the bus into Crantock where I was fascinated by the Pound.

This is a circular, stone-walled enclosure, right in the middle of the village and was used to keep stray animals safe. We then walked down to Penpol, this is Tim's favoured route into Newquay as there is a footway across The Gannel at low tide.

The Gannel Info
It is very pretty here; it reminded me of the walk from St Clements to Tresillian along the river.

Ferry Crossing at The Gannel

We then walked across Crantock Beach, up the steep dunes and out on to the headland. This is Tim's own territory and it was nice to be walking around his special places.

Crantock Beach

This was one of Mum's special places too.

We were accompanied by this butterfly (is it a Speckled Wood?) on the path to Polly Joke, it kept us company for some way!

Polly Joke

The sand in the coves at Polly Joke were at different levels which played tricks with your eyes! We then went out on to Kelsey Head where Tim had watched the eclipse of the sun in 1999.

Kelsey Head looking south

The view south stretches down St Ives,

Kelsey Head looking north

and north up to Trevose, a wonderful view point - I felt as if I was safe encompassed in the arms of those two distant headlands.

Holywell Bay

We then walked on to Holywell, across the beach and back up the Ellenglaze valley to Tim's. I found this last part very hard and a real struggle up the hill. I was very glad to get back and rest some rather weary legs - but it had been a particularly special walk.

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  1. Actually the butterfly is the Speckled Wouldn't. Trust me, I'm a zoologist.

    Lovely to see those familiar places. I've collected snails there!