Thursday, November 12, 2009 Zennor

I meant to finish this yesterday, but got sidetracked by soup and over-worked teachers!
The picture above shows how clear the water was, even though it was cloudy over the land,

View from Zennor Head towards Gurnard's Head

We decided to stop at Zennor as the path had been very tricky and we were both tired. Also, we could not have walked further on the coast path there as between Zennor and Gurnard's Head the path was closed with big signs telling us if we did cross the barriers we would be turned back! This was as a result of the strom damage I mentioned earlier, and it will have to be a section we do sometime in the future when it has reopened.

The bus took us to Penznce, picking up a wonderful, elderly gentlemen called Russell, who chatted away to us and the driver (who knew him well). He kept calling me "my handsome" and "my love" in such a wonderful Cornish burr - it was a pleasure to travel with him. It was school run time so we picked up littlies for their journey home - it was lovely.

Why to Penzance? We had booked into the Youth Hostel there for several nights to use as our base on this part of the walk. It was huge (sleeps 100) and had school groups in, but was clean and very pleasant. It was a mile and a third from the bus stop to the Youth Hostel, and after we'd settled in we set off back into town to find somewhere to eat.

The Alverne is where we ended up, about a mile from the YH, and they served the most wonderful food ever. I chose a fishcake and Tim a goat's cheese creation. I have never eaten anything to match it, the balance of flavours was perfect, and I felt like skipping all the way back to the YH despite having felt exhausted when we walked in through their door. The quality of the food was matched by Sandra who looked after us so well - we decided we would return!

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