Monday, November 9, 2009

Cameron Estate to Porthtowan (Oct 5th)

We decided to leave the Holywell-Perran bit for the very end, Bridgie has been keen to come and walk with us, so we may complete the rest of the walk, then have a celebratory stroll with anyone who wants to join us... and that includes you :-), on what will be the final section!

We parked up on Cameron Estate, and had a gentle walk down to Chapel Porth where we enjoyed a Hedgehog! :-) This delightful creation is extremely good for the soul, though a little less good for the body. Bear in mind that I'm not really an ice-cream person, but this is really something. I had to persuade Tim to have one as well, but he seemed glad to have succumbed! (It was actually he that introduced them to us a few years ago!) Cornish Ice Cream is covered in clotted cream and rolled in hazlenuts...

A hedgehog!

I'd started eating it then suddenly thought I must get a picture of it, which was quite some achievement in the circumstances!

Suitably sustained, and as the tide was out we walked back along the beach exploring under the cliff we'd walked down, to see if we could get into the cave that joins with the mine shafts up above, but the cavern was protected by a huge deep pool of water; that will have to wait for a summer /swimwear expedition!

So we turned westwards again and walked across the wide expanse of beach,

Looking back towards Chapel Porth

as far as Porthtowan. It was a lovely gentle walk with lots of people out enjoying the warm sunshine.

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  1. A hedgehog, eh? I'll watch out for one of those. probably enough calories in it to power you for a week!