Thursday, November 5, 2009

Padstow to Constantine Bay (Sept 26)

I thought Trevone was a lovely little place; such a contrast with the two beaches,
one gorgeous sand, and the other great rocks for rockpooling!
Trevone Bay and Roundhole Point
The collapsed cavern on the headland was visible from a long way away - Tim thought I'd been there before but I have no memory of it - but that doesn't mean a lot!

The sun was well and truly out by the time we crossed Harlyn Bay, watching surfers and canoeists - it was beautiful.

Mother Ivey's Bay was gorgeous

Mother Ivey's Bay
with views out towards the new lifeboat station, which was very impressive. We walked out onto the headland above the lifeboat station and could see up the coast to Tintagel.
View from Cataclews Point
Trevose Head has a very pretty lighthouse,

Trevose Lighthouse

we could have visited many on our journey... next time, maybe! We ended the day at Constantine Bay Constantine Bay with Trevose Head

walking back up to the village to the bus stop to await our chariot ride home. It had been a day of beautiful colours, from turquoise to dark blue, with sparkling seas and an abundance of wild flowers and butterflies. I decided the plants must think it was spring as pink campions and yellow snapdragons were out. About 11 miles altogether which we decided was plenty for that day!


  1. I really do appreciate all the photos. Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  2. What a wonderful day! I loved seeing the lifeboat station. Jo has always described them but I've never actually seen one.

  3. Maybe one day we'll get Jo, Jac and The Roo down to that part of the world. Many places I'd love to show them.