Sunday, November 8, 2009

An aside (Sept 29)

After these three days walking we had a rest day, I certainly needed it! I hadn't done any walking preparation this time so it took me a while to get into the swing, Tim had been doing regular walks so was on better form than me, and, no, Big A, we did not walk through the delights of Newquay itself! We're doing the walk.. but we're not daft! We have granted ourselves a Cornish Walker's Poetic Licence! :-)

The day at home gave us time to plan the next bit; the weather in Cornwall had been dry and fine for weeks on end, and the forecast for us was good weather over the next few days, then rain - so we decided to continue the walk out of order. We knew that certain part of the coast path are particularly difficult when it is wet underfoot, so we decided to tackle those bits next, and fill in the gaps afterwards. Basically, we jumped on to do the St Ives/Penzance section, then back for some more local areas, then the Lizard area.

This would be very confusing for you to follow, especially on the Lizard/Falmouth section, so I shall write it in coastline order! I'll put in the dates though just for the record!

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  1. Your Poetic Licence is granted, just so long as you keep us up to date. We really enjoyed our walks at Zennor etc a couple of years ago.